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October 14 2017

FREE Aqua Babies Aquatic Education Workshop

ONE FREE aquatic education session for a baby or infants aged 5 months – 2 + half years Thursday 19th October @ 12 noon Workshop aims to: educate guardians on the importance of early water familiarization and ensuring children of all ages RESPECT the water; educate guardians and infants on the purpose of tasks completed […]

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August 28 2017

Leopold Swim School Keys to Swim Success

Leopold Swim School,Geelong believes all pre-school and school-age swimmers have the right to feel HAPPY, feel SAFE and to continuously LEARN throughout the process of Learn to Swim.  Swimming success is unlocked when a child engages in a Learn to Swim program with a commitment to their happiness, ensures they feel safe and delivers effective […]

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August 17 2015

Many primary schools have opted to not offer swimming lessons as part of their curriculum?

Many primary schools do not offer school swimming as part of their school sports program anymore.  Schools are finding that their curriculum is so full with subjects such as numeracy and literacy and everything else they have decided to leave swimming lessons off the list. So the problem that most families are faced with is when their children reach […]

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August 14 2015

Why Leopold Swim School changes your child’s freestyle arms from straight to a bent

At Leopold Swim School we initially teach our swimmers freestyle with straight arm recovery in the lower levels and then change them to bent arm recovery in the higher levels.  The reason we teach our 1 Silver, 1 Gold and 2 Bronze levels straight arm recovery is so they can learn how to breathe correctly and efficiently with correct head […]

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June 1 2015

Learning to swim all year round can help make your next vacation an adventure holiday.

Just recently I had a family holiday to Thailand.  It was fantastic to be able to relax at the pool as my children played confidently in the deep water.  My children have been in formal swimming lessons since they were only months old and they also swim every holiday Intensive program. As a result their water skills are […]

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April 28 2015

Not swimming this winter….. is your child just missing out on swimming?

If children don’t swim this winter they are missing out on important skills that can be used in and out of the water. These important skills may not be obvious. In swimming lessons regardless what level your child is at, if they are a baby or a big school age child, they are learning and […]

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February 13 2015

Swim Lessons in Geelong can lead to Sailing

Ben has been swimming at Leopold Swim School since he was a baby. He has just been chosen to compete in the International Cadet World Championships for sailing. He is going to Lake Garda, Italy.…Ben is 10yrs old. His swim lessons have allowed him to compete at this high level. On odd occasions Ben has […]

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February 13 2015

I have started competitive swimming and I love it!

“Hi, my name is Rachel. I won my first swimming medal this weekend. I was so excited to have got a third place in 50m backstroke in an Olympic size pool. I started swimming at Leopold Swim School when I was a baby. I participated in lessons twice a week and attended every Intensive Program […]

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February 3 2015

Aquatic experiences and continual swimming lessons for kids in Geelong.

Learning to swim is a golden ticket to endless aquatic opportunities.  Strong swimming capabilities gained through continual swim lessons over time provides opportunities for recreational activities and a healthy lifestyle for the whole family to enjoy together.  Strong swimming capabilities can lead to competent and safe involvement in triathlons, surf lifesaving, surfing, open water swimming, […]

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November 26 2014

Kids Summer Intensive Program in Geelong 2015

Summer Intensive Program Why do a Summer Intensive Program? There are numerous benefits for your child to participate in a summer intensive program; The 5 week break over summer from Term 4 to Term 1 swim lessons is a long time. Children need to practise their skills over this break. At Leopold Swim School we […]

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