Our quality teachers and small class sizes make our school aged swimming lessons more effective.

Kids swimming lessons Geelong

1 instructor per 4 swimmers

Swimming is a skill for life and at Leopold Swim School we are specialists in teaching school-aged children how to swim and be safe in the water.

With just four students in each class led by highly-trained instructors, our students quickly gain confidence and improve their skills as they move through the Leopold Swim School Curriculum mastering:

  • water confidence
  • body positioning
  • water safety techniques
  • stroke techniques and efficiency, and
  • endurance.

Leopold Swim School holds swimming lessons for kids at all levels – from basic water confidence and awareness through to stroke technique improvement and fitness.

Don’t worry if your child is upper-primary age and doesn’t know how to swim – it’s not too late. We help school-age children of all ages learn from the beginning.

Leopold Swim School’s purpose-built swim facility attracts families from throughout Geelong due to our solid reputation of quality teachers who run swimming classes for kids in a warm, clean pool. We run lessons every weeknight after school and on Saturdays until the early afternoon – during school terms.

One of the most common question we get from parents is: “How long will it take for our kids to learn how to swim?” Well, it depends on your child’s ability, your commitment to lessons and of course the quality of your child’s teacher.

We are extremely proud of the quality of our teachers, who are individually trained and AUSTSWIM accredited. Our quality teachers and small swim class sizes give your child the best chance of completing all levels to become a swimmer who can safely enjoy the water.

It’s also important to remember that swimming is taught via introducing repetitive actions, which are practiced until perfected. Each level of our Leopold Swim School Curriculum introduces step-by-step the tools you child needs to take them from learning to float, through to swimming competitively. Because repetition is the key, removing your child for a term or two during the year breaks the connection and hampers progress.

See more about Leopold Swim School and our facilities. If you’ve got a school-aged child you may also consider our other swimming lessons for children, including:

To arrange a free assessment of your child phone us on 03 5250 1457 or see enrolments for more information. You can also view our price list.

We also invite you to visit our swim school Geelong at 1 Cypress Crescent, Leopold – just email us or phone to make a time.

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1 instructor per 4 School Age participants