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February 15 2018

Leopold Learn to Swim Water Safety TIP: GO SWIMMING! Swim in an abundance of different aquatic environments to increase your child’s water safety.

Swimming success is built on a swimmer feeling safe, happy, confident and be provided with an abundant of effective learn to swim opportunities.  At Leopold Swim School Geelong, we will strive for happiness, our swimmers to feel safe and be provided with effective learning opportunities within our Leopold Swim School learning environment.  To ensure your […]

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January 19 2018

NEW LOOK Leopold Swim School Pool!

Leopold Swim School are very excited to share our new look pool with our Leopold Swim School Community from Leopold, Geelong, Ocean Grove and the Bellarine Peninsula.  Over the Christmas holiday break we have been busy upgrading our facilities and re-surfacing our pool!  Our new fresh look we believe will only add to the amazing […]

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December 6 2017

Is swimming technique important in the Learn to Swim Process? YES

Leopold Swim School is the premiere Learn to Swim location for Geelong, Ocean Grove and the Bellarine Peninsula.  We are committed to ensuring swimmers are taught to move efficiently in the water.  Our swimming lessons are designed to ensure swimmers learn correct, efficient technique and are ultimately safer. Often guardians want the best for their […]

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November 21 2017

Continuous swim lessons is non-negotiable

Leopold Swim School Geelong, believes a child’s swimming success is built over time.  It is built on confidence, water familiarisation, understanding, development of physical capabilities and a feel for the water.  Each of these factors requires ongoing attention, ongoing swimming lessons.  Too often guardians decide to skip swimming lessons in Term 1 to support their […]

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November 14 2017

Water Safety Week – Monday 20th November till Saturday 25th November

Leopold Swim School Geelong, will be conducting Water Safety Week next week, Monday 20th November till Saturday 25th November during weekly swimming lessons.   Throughout our Learn to Swim program all year round we promote and teach a variety of water safety opportunities.  Water Safety Week is an opportunity to merge and revisit those vital […]

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October 24 2017


Leopold Swim School deliver Geelong’s best Learn to Swim program due to the quality of our highly experienced, committed and passionate instructors.  Leopold Swim School instructors know the WHAT? and the HOW? of the Learn to Swim Process.  They have exceptional knowledge of the Learn to Swim continuum and consistently offer learning opportunities that are […]

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October 18 2017

Exposing the pool length myth: size really doesn’t matter

There is a common misconception out there that effective learn to swim or squad training can only be done in a large length pool – WRONG! It’s not the length that matters; it is the swimming technique being taught. At the Leopold Swim School we run an excellent learn to swim program teaching our swimmers […]

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October 14 2017

FREE Aqua Babies Aquatic Education Workshop

ONE FREE aquatic education session for a baby or infants aged 5 months – 2 + half years Thursday 19th October @ 12 noon Workshop aims to: educate guardians on the importance of early water familiarization and ensuring children of all ages RESPECT the water; educate guardians and infants on the purpose of tasks completed […]

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August 28 2017

Leopold Swim School Keys to Swim Success

Leopold Swim School,Geelong believes all pre-school and school-age swimmers have the right to feel HAPPY, feel SAFE and to continuously LEARN throughout the process of Learn to Swim.  Swimming success is unlocked when a child engages in a Learn to Swim program with a commitment to their happiness, ensures they feel safe and delivers effective […]

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August 17 2015

Many primary schools have opted to not offer swimming lessons as part of their curriculum?

Many primary schools do not offer school swimming as part of their school sports program anymore.  Schools are finding that their curriculum is so full with subjects such as numeracy and literacy and everything else they have decided to leave swimming lessons off the list. So the problem that most families are faced with is when their children reach […]

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