Make Up Lesson Policy

At Leopold Swim School we want your swimmer to swim as often as possible as we want them to continue to improve.

The following conditions apply:

  • The school must be notified prior to absence by 9am for morning classes and 3:45pm for afternoon classes on the day the class is held on, to be eligible for a make up lesson.
  • Notification can be via email, phone or completing an absentee form on the Leopold Swim School App.
  • If we are not notified the lesson will be lost.
  • The parent/guardian of the student needs to arrange the make up lesson. Make up lessons can be booked at reception, by phone or completing a make up lesson request form on the Leopold Swim School App.
  • The swimmer will then be allocated a lesson on another day if a vacancy exists in your swimmer’s level. If a suitable time cannot be found the lesson will be lost.
  • Swimmers away during the last week of term will need to book the make up lesson prior to missing the scheduled lesson.
  • If the scheduled time for the make up lesson does not suit the lesson is lost and cannot be re-scheduled.
  • Make up lessons cannot be transferred to the next term, they must be taken within the term they are missed.
  • Maximum of 2 make up lessons will be available each term.
  • Make up lessons can not be booked if fees are not paid in full.

To ensure your swimmer/s get the most out of swimming each term we encourage parents/guardians to not miss lessons if possible, as co-ordinating a make up lessons can be challenging if your family is very busy.


Withdrawal Policy

If you withdraw from the Leopold Learn to Swim Program prior to the end of term no refunds will be given.  If you withdraw your child from the program your $50 upfront payment will be lost and you will be required to pay for the lessons attended or unattended prior to notification of withdrawal. Any remaining balance on term fees after withdrawal will be credited to your account.

Withdrawal notification must be made in writing to [email protected]