Is swimming technique important in the Learn to Swim Process? YES

Leopold Swim School is the premiere Learn to Swim location for Geelong, Ocean Grove and the Bellarine Peninsula.  We are committed to ensuring swimmers are taught to move efficiently in the water.  Our swimming lessons are designed to ensure swimmers learn correct, efficient technique and are ultimately safer.

Often guardians want the best for their loved ones and are prepared for the long term commitment of swimming lessons.  However, they don’t see competitive swimming as a future aspiration for their child and therefore choose to engage in a program lacking in technique.  Correct technique is not just for the future competitive swimmer or looking nice in the water, rather it is vital for any swimmer to be efficient and ultimately safer in the water sooner.  Learning to swim efficiently and effectively is a long term educational process that enables your child to be safer in the water in an abundance of aquatic experiences for long periods of time.

At Leopold Swim School we want swimmers to:

  • understand and perform an effective body position;
  • effectively use limbs to move effortlessly through the water;
  • understand buoyancy and how it works;
  • perform a variety of effective strokes and understand which stroke is most effective for various aquatic endeavours;
  • understand how to manage their breathing and learn breathing techniques to ensure they don’t get tired; and
  • understand how swimming long distance doesn’t need to involve a lot of effort.
Efficient bent FREESTYLE elbows

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