Learning to swim all year round can help make your next vacation an adventure holiday.

Just recently I had a family holiday to Thailand.  It was fantastic to be able to relax at the pool as my children played confidently in the deep water.  My children have been in formal swimming lessons since they were only months old and they also swim every holiday Intensive program. As a result their water skills are amazing. My 6 year old can tread water all day with no aid at all.


After spending time at the pool we discovered that because my children’s water skills were so good we wanted to do something exciting. So, we booked a kayaking tour. It involved the children sitting in kayaks with no life jacket on, whilst paddling through limestone caves.  After travelling throw the caves the big boat was 200m away, both of my children asked if they could jump out of the kayak and swim without goggles back to the boat. It was a great experience for them. They were able to freely float easier, although the currents were quite strong.


The second trip on our adventure holiday was a scuba snorkelling trip. On this trip my 6 year old snorkelled again without a life jacket or aid in the ocean at the back of the boat. She could not believe the colours of the fish. I laughed as she tried to catch the fish that swam past her.  My eldest daughter is 12 years old. She choose to scuba dive. She dived down to 12m for 40mins with a full tank and gear.  She could not believe the world at the bottom of the ocean could be so beautiful.


Now thinking back about all the times we had to rush to swim lessons and all the extra pool time we did as a family, it was worth it.  So swimming all year round can provide an amazing lifestyle later down the track.  I think perisistance and consistancey will provide your child with amazing and strong water skills for life. I just wanted to share with you how swim lessons can provide your family with a love for the water. You can be amazed with what your children can do with the right skills.

You too could have an aquatic adventure holiday with your family!


Leopold Swim School holiday program
Leopold Swim School holiday program