Not swimming this winter….. is your child just missing out on swimming?

If children don’t swim this winter they are missing out on important skills that can be used in and out of the water. These important skills may not be obvious. In swimming lessons regardless what level your child is at, if they are a baby or a big school age child, they are learning and reinforcing the follow skills each and every lesson: body position, feel of the water, breathing, balance, relaxation, accuracy, rhythm and flow, power and speed, use of core, stroke mechanics, stroke count range, streamline skills, underwater skills, turn skill and start skills and so on.

Swimming also reinforces and develops important learner dispositions for a contemporary learner like:

  • confidence
  • persistence
  • independence
  • commitment
  • collaboration

Additionally it supports a child to think about themselves as “I am someone who….tries new things, keeps going when it is hard, learns from making mistakes.”

Your child needs all these skills to be able to be confident and happy in the water and a contemporary learner.  So if your child has a break from swim lessons over winter they don’t get to practice these skills.  Not practising these skills does have an effect on your child’s aquatic education it makes the learn to swim process lengthier to become an efficient and safe swimmer.

All these skills reinforced from swimming are skills that your child would use every day to learn, play, laugh, run, relax and enjoy their life to the fullest.

Leopold Swim School believes that swimming should be done all year round.

“To swim, boat, surf or ski safely continual swim lessons are essential”


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