Exposing the pool length myth: size really doesn’t matter

There is a common misconception out there that effective learn to swim or squad training can only be done in a large length pool – WRONG!

It’s not the length that matters; it is the swimming technique being taught.

At the Leopold Swim School we run an excellent learn to swim program teaching our swimmers efficient technique, which enables them to be strong and safe in the water. Pool length will not hinder swimmers if the program has been designed for this outcome and executed correctly. At Leopold Swim School, we believe that children should be taught to swim with the correct technique from the beginning and aim to build endurance in correct efficient technique. If swimmers swim long distance too soon they will develop endurance in an ineffective stroke and develop poor habits that will prevent them from ever becoming a safe and competent swimmer. At Leopold Swim School our swimmers spend more time on task swimming efficiently to ensure correct technique becomes autonomous.

For children to be ready to end their swimming lessons, they need to finish all swimming levels and complete a year of squad swimming to feel comfortable and confident in any aquatic situation.

Leopold Swim School squad swimmers achieve a distance of around 1 – 1.5km in a 45 minute session, but it takes time to develop this kind of fitness and endurance.