Many primary schools have opted to not offer swimming lessons as part of their curriculum?

Many primary schools do not offer school swimming as part of their school sports program anymore.  Schools are finding that their curriculum is so full with subjects such as numeracy and literacy and everything else they have decided to leave swimming lessons off the list.
So the problem that most families are faced with is when their children reach high school they can not swim at a high enough level for their children to participate in activities offered by their school, such as surfing, surfing camps, triathlon groups, rowing groups or to participate in school swimming sports, diving and deep water diving.
Swimming is a life skill that once learnt will not be forgotten. It should not be seen as just another activity to do after school. Learning to swim can enhance your child’s health and can provide them with some essential life skills.
So please make sure your child does get the opportunity to learn how to swim at a level that can help them improve their lifestyle not just to tread water for a while but to truly swim with confidence and enjoyment as we all do at Leopold Swim School.
Rachel Andrewartha