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February 19 2012

Debunking the pool length myth: size really doesn’t matter

There’s a common perception out there that effective squad training can only be done in a large-length pool – wrong! It’s not the length that matters, it the technique being taught. You can have a squad training in an Olympic-sized swimming pool, but unless they’re being taught correct technique, they might as well be learning […]

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November 9 2011

Give your children a long, healthy life

All parents want their children to be fit, healthy and happy, which is why it’s important to establish healthy habits early – including exercise and involvement in sport. Swimming is a sport that can be started at the very young age of 6mths and enjoyed well into old age. It’s also the only sport that exercises our […]

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October 2 2011

Help prevent a drowning tragedy these Christmas School Holidays

Hooray! Before long the Christmas holidays will be just around the corner! Have you made any plans for your Christmas holidays yet? I’m sure that you all deserve a well-earned break and that many of you are planning to get away with the family for fun times. Most holiday destinations are close to water – whether it be beaches, lakes, rivers or resorts […]

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August 24 2011

Why we teach children different swimming strokes – part 2

The Advantages of Each Stroke Breaststroke Once learnt at a basic level it can be performed with the head staying above the water all the time. This gives excellent visibility and avoids breathing difficulties. Backstroke Because it is swam on your back there is no breathing difficulties. A swimmer can breathe the entire time they are […]

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July 31 2011

Why we teach different strokes

You may think freestyle is the only stroke that your child needs to learn. You may wonder if learning other strokes is valuable or just a waste of time.  We will describe the benefits of learning other strokes besides freestyle. Firstly, freestyle is the most efficient stroke to get you somewhere quicker and faster. However, it […]

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July 4 2011

The benefits of continuing swimming lessons through winter

Unfortunately some parents feel that when winter comes along that they are doing the right thing by stopping swimming lessons so their child doesn’t catch a cold. Apart from the fact that there’s no medical evidence connecting swimming in heated pools and illness, your child is greatly disadvantaged because they will readily lose their swimming […]

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June 5 2011

How long before my child can swim?

Learn to swim programs are expected to meet many needs, not the least of which is teaching children to swim.  Parents want to see tangible results from lessons to assure progress is being made and that they are receiving value for their money.  Sometimes lessons can feel like a treadmill with no clear end in […]

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May 17 2011

Leopold Swim School looks at parental influences in baby or toddler classes with Julie Ham

You are asking who is Julie Ham?  Julie is a former Australian Swimming representative who wrote the following interesting article; Parents seeking ways to improve their young child’s confidence, independence and relaxation in water need look no further than their role as the caregiver ahead of and doing a swimming lesson.  The caregiver plays an invaluable […]

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April 3 2011

Babies having a great day at Leopold Swim School

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April 1 2011

When is it safe to say my child can swim they don’t need swim lessons anymore?

When is it safe to say my child can swim they don’t need swim lessons anymore? We recommend all parents ask themselves these questions: Can my child doggy paddle/tread water in the Leopold Swim School Pool? Most answers would probably be yes. Can my child doggy paddle/tread water in another pool that is not familiar […]

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