Debunking the pool length myth: size really doesn’t matter

There’s a common perception out there that effective squad training can only be done in a large-length pool – wrong!

It’s not the length that matters, it the technique being taught.

You can have a squad training in an Olympic-sized swimming pool, but unless they’re being taught correct technique, they might as well be learning in a wading pool.

At the Leopold Swim School we run an excellent learn to swim program teaching our Squad swimmers great technique, which enables them to be strong in the water. Pool length should not hinder swimmers if the program has been designed for this outcome and executed correctly. At Leopold Swim School, we believe that children should be taught to swim with the correct technique from the start – we pride ourselves on our program and stroke technique.

For children to be ready to end their swimming lessons, they need to finish all swimming levels and do a year of squad to feel comfortable and confident in any situation.

Leopold Swim School squad swimmers achieve a distance of around 1 km in a 45 minute session, but it takes time to develop this kind of fitness. But it’s worth it! Swimming is a skill that can enable your child to participate in the following sports: competitive swimming, yachting, water polo, surf lifesaving, boating, rowing, fishing, surfing, snorkeling, diving, deep sea diving and socialising.

Parents please do not hesitate to come and watch a squad session one night. Just ask reception for details or call 5250 1457.