Give your children a long, healthy life

All parents want their children to be fit, healthy and happy, which is why it’s important to establish healthy habits early – including exercise and involvement in sport.

Swimming is a sport that can be started at the very young age of 6mths and enjoyed well into old age.

It’s also the only sport that exercises our heart, lungs and all muscles in our body with no side effects. Swimming is the perfect sport to help your child to develop motor skills ( for the young) and coordination ( for the older child).

Once your child gains confidence in the water it is likely they will always have it. Swimming is the perfect sport for all the family to enjoy.

As parents, we need to get our children into sport so that they don’t end up with health problems caused by weight gain and little exercise.

Swimming is gentle but effective with a splash of fun it wins hands up.

So lets start our children young and teach them to be fit, healthy and to enjoy every gift that life has to offer.