Help prevent a drowning tragedy these Christmas School Holidays

Hooray! Before long the Christmas holidays will be just around the corner! Have you made any plans for your Christmas holidays yet? I’m sure that you all deserve a well-earned break and that many of you are planning to get away with the family for fun times.

Most holiday destinations are close to water – whether it be beaches, lakes, rivers or resorts with pools. It’s also a fact that many families centre their family leisure time around the water with boating, jetskiing, surfing, kayaking, fishing and swimming in the ocean popular pastimes.

However, amazingly enough – despite our love of the water – not everyone knows how to swim well enough to be able to get themselves out of trouble if the unexpected occurs.

We sometimes get feedback from parents who believe that once their child has the bare swimming basics, that will do. But in fact, they’re actually putting their child in a very dangerous situation.

They’re giving themselves – and their child – a false sense of security.

Nobody can predict a dangerous current, unexpected large wave or a fall into water that is much deeper and colder than expected.

Did you know that a child needs to be able to strongly swim 200 metres to save themselves from a rip at the beach – something that occurs all the time! A child (or adult) with the swimming bare basics is not going to be able to save themselves in this situation.

If you truly want to enjoy your holiday, you shouldn’t have to fear the water or worry about drowning. You may say that there’s always a life jacket, but remember, it can only help to a certain extent.

‘Prevention is better than cure’ and you can give your family the skills to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills to get themselves out of trouble when the unexpected occurs.

 Swimming can really be a life-saver.

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