Why is Leopold Swim School’s water so fantastic?

We get asked continuously if our pool water is salt water.

The reason for this is because when you walk into our swim school there isn’t that strong chlorine smell. In actual fact, our water is chlorinated.

However, as we take alot of time to get our water perfect, the results show it is gentle on your children’s skin and their bathers don’t get that terrible chlorine smell. But, how is this achieved? By using two chemicals called hydroXan and hydroSan. These chemicals allow us to keep our water safe and clean but without the harsh odours.

Leopold Swim School’s pool is also tested every couple of hours with a machine and is also sent away to ecowise once a month to be tested for bacteria, which always comes back with a perfect result every time. The water is looked after and scooped day after day by Shane, who puts a lot of effort into our final result which is perfect looking water with a nice warm inviting temperature to go with it. Thanks Shane!!!