Find out what learning how to swim in Geelong can lead to

Staff Profile – Amber Eslick, Director of Leopold Swim School

Amber, director of Leopold Swim School, let her passion of learning to swim lead her to her chosen sport of Surf Life Saving. Amber started this learn to swim process at toddler age. From these classes she gained confidence, coordination, strength and her true passion. These learn to swim lessons transformed her forever.

Whilst learning to swim she discovered that these skills learnt could be used in different sports, such as Surf Life Saving. In Surf Life Saving the same skills are used as in learn to swim such as strength, fitness, coordination and resilience.

After learn to swim, Amber took her swimming and Life Saving further. Using her skills she accomplished many things such as;

– Competing in state competitions in the pool

– Traveling to Japan to compete in the pool

– Represented Victoria in all Nipper teams and Senior teams (Surf Life Saving)

– Competed in numerous Australian Titles for Surf Life Saving Winning medals as the belt swimmer in 5 Person R & R.


Amber achieved all this from Learn to Swim. It makes one think anything is possible for my children!


Let learn to swim help your children develop in life!

What swim lessons can lead to
What swim lessons can lead to