Kids Summer Intensive Program in Geelong 2015

Summer Intensive Program
Why do a Summer Intensive Program?

There are numerous benefits for your child to participate in a summer intensive program;

  • The 5 week break over summer from Term 4 to Term 1 swim lessons is a long time. Children need to practise their skills over this break. At Leopold Swim School we are looking forward to helping your child to achieve this and to reach their full potential as soon as possible.A one week or two week program over summer can help ensure your child’s progress is continuing and does not come to a halt.
  • Leopold Swim School’s Summer Intensive Program is great for confidence and skill learning as it is repetitious from day to day. Children are able to retain their skills as they are practised numerous times.
  • Also swimming is a great healthy and gentle form of exercise which has many health benefits and it helps get kids off the couch and beat boredom over these holidays.

Bookings for this program are being taken now!