Aquatic experiences and continual swimming lessons for kids in Geelong.

Learning to swim is a golden ticket to endless aquatic opportunities.  Strong swimming capabilities gained through continual swim lessons over time provides opportunities for recreational activities and a healthy lifestyle for the whole family to enjoy together.  Strong swimming capabilities can lead to competent and safe involvement in triathlons, surf lifesaving, surfing, open water swimming, boogie boarding, kayaking, water polo, sailing, water skiing, diving and jet skiing.  Swimming competence ensures your child and family can confidently trial and participate in such sports with self-assurance.

Involvement in other aquatic sports can also further facilitate your child’s swimming competence.  Mastery of swimming skills is enhanced when swimmers are forced to apply their skills beyond their discipline, for example triathlons, surf lifesaving or surfing.  Lifelong learning and love of swimming skills is facilitated when forced to transfer meaningfully-learned knowledge and skills flexibly and creatively in different disciplines.  Application of learnt skills from continual swimming lessons in other contexts also builds confidence, motivation and self-esteem as swimmers experience how the gift of swimming can offer many interesting, stimulating and enjoyable opportunities.  Additional aquatic opportunities will also create motivation for any swimmer.  Positive motivation towards learning to swim will only increase the likelihood that your child will engage in deep learning.  Intrinsic motivation will support them to become more effective learners when they participate in their learn to swim lesson at Leopold Swim School.



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