Continual swim lessons for children in Geelong are essential.

To drive safely 120 hours of practice is required.

To swim, boat, surf or ski safely continual swim lessons are essential.

Leopold Swim School believes that your child learning to swim safely is as important as your child learning to drive safely. You need to ask yourself the following question, Am I confident that my child can swim, boat, surf and ski safely and enjoy the experience at the same time.

Rural and remote areas contain a number of water hazards for children. Whether living or visiting rural areas children can be at risk from natural and man-made water hazards.

Natural environments such as beaches, rivers, lakes, dams and creeks are great places to spend time with the kids, but can present a number of drowning hazards including submerged objects and rock formations, sudden depth changes and strong undertows. Water conditions can change or appear very quickly, with creeks changing to fast flowing rapids.

Swimming Tips:

  • Enrol your children into regular, year round swimming classes.
  • Encourage your child to regularly practice age and skill appropriate water safety techniques.
  • Floatation devices are not a substitute for adult supervision in any circumstances.

Leopold Swim School wishes you and your family a great day at your chosen aquatic environment.

to swim safely
to swim safely