Learning to swim in Geelong for family holidays

Are you looking forward to your next amazing family holiday? Is the destination you are heading for a hot and sunny environment? What are the planned activities for your family?  Will all of the family enjoy these activities?

When going on holidays all these questions are valid.  If you are heading to a hot destination Leopold Swim School can help.  How can we help? Firstly, if you are heading to a hot destination your planned activities would probably be swimming in a pool, going for some sort of cruise or boat trip, maybe going to a waterslide theme park or snorkelling.

If you are planning on hanging around the pool with the kids big or small, do you want them hanging off you or not enjoying themselves (this is not a holiday for all).  At Leopold Swim School we have children at the age of 2 being able to get around the pool by themselves with their backpack, so you as a parent can stretch out in the water and relax a little.

If you are going on a day cruise this could be a stressful activity if the kids are leaning over the boat with the thought in the back of your mind what happens if they fall in.  But if they have strong swim skills this does not seem as daunting as you know if they were to fall in they could swim back to the boat.

Then the planned day of the waterslide day trip, it is exciting but maybe not as fun for some.  Your child gets to the top of the waterslide and you are waiting at the bottom but kid’s keep coming out of the slide but yours is not.  You look up at the top to see your child up their crying their eyes out so as every great parent does you climb up the slide and coax your child down.  If your child was confident and had good swim skills they would love their theme park experience.

All the staff at Leopold Swim School wishes every family in Geelong a fantastic next holiday but we would love to be part of the preparation towards it.  So contact Leopold Swim School in Geelong so we can get your kids ready for your next family adventure.