Prepare your child for school swimming lessons in Geelong

Is your child going to school next year?  Has your child had enough swim lessons to be able to participate in a school swim program or are they unhappy about the whole experience.

At Leopold Swim School we want your children to be the swim star of their class.  Parents and children have different expectations for school swimming.  Some parents just want their children to be able to participate in the program with a smile on their face, whilst other parents want their children to be picked for the school swim team.

Swim staff at Leopold Swim School can help your child from performing torpedos all the way up to stroke correction.  Skill level is important for school swimming as it determines what they learn in their swim classes and it also dictates what area of the pool they are placed in.  Sometimes children are disheartened if their friends are in higher levels or in a more exciting part of the pool.

The next exciting part about school swimming is the swim carnivals; it is always fun and exciting to be chosen for these.  The school usually picks their swim team on the results achieved in their school swimming program. Leopold Swim School gets excited about their swimmers going down this path and encourage them.  If this is a goal of yours for your child or your child’s own goal please tell us as we are more than happy to guide them in this direction.

If you would like more information please contact us at Leopold Swim School.

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