Continuous swim lessons through Winter

Leopold Swim School Geelong, believes a child’s swimming success is built over time through REPETITION.  It is built on confidence, water familiarisation, understanding, development of physical capabilities and a feel for the water.  Each of these factors requires ongoing attention, ongoing swimming lessons.  Too often guardians decide to skip swimming lessons in Winter.  At Leopold Swim School Geelong, we believe to stop swimming will have a negative effect on your child’s ability to be safe in the water.

Leopold Swim School supports the following statements:

  • swimming lessons all year round is non-negotiable to ensure your child’s swim development;
  • not swimming in Winter will dramatically delay your child’s swim journey (as per graph below). The blue line represents ongoing long term continuous swim lessons throughout the year, including WINTER.  The red line highlights your child’s swim development if your child were to stop swimming.

  • ‘swimmer identity’ (belief in themselves as a swimmer) can be hindered. When your child returns to lessons the following term and sees their Learn to Swim buddy (friend) in the next level up, this can be upsetting.  They  may also notice that they have gone backwards (harder than before as they have lost swim fitness) and are no longer in the same level as their friend;
  • water confidence and water familiarisation are paramount in swimming success. Time out of the water will delay these important abilities;
  • stopping learn to swim can create an idea for your child that swimming is negotiable (not a life skill, like learning to read and write) and then they are more likely to attempt to try to stop swimming;
  • fear of the water for a beginner swimmer increases dramatically as your child grows older. The quicker your child becomes familiar with the water the more success they will have;
  • Learn to Swim lessons are the perfect WINTER extra-curriculum activity as it is performed indoors. At Leopold Swim School, our pool and facility are heated.  Our pool is heated to 34 to ensure your child is not cold and our parents are able to observe in comfortable conditions and maybe even enjoy a coffee; and
  • swimming is fantastic for mental health. Being in the water is the best way to “blow away the cobwebs” after a busy day at school or kinder or after a day when you have not had the chance to be active due to poor weather.



  • rug up when coming to and leaving Learn to Swim lessons at Leopold Swim School Geelong. Wear a jacket, beanie and enclosed shoes;
  • dry hair as much as possible after lesson;
  • do not let your child leave the centre in wet bathers and a towel;
  • get lots of sleep; and
  • maintain a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and eat an abundance of fruit and vegetables.