Leopold Learn to Swim Water Safety TIP: GO SWIMMING! Swim in an abundance of different aquatic environments to increase your child’s water safety.

Swimming success is built on a swimmer feeling safe, happy, confident and be provided with an abundant of effective learn to swim opportunities.  At Leopold Swim School Geelong, we will strive for happiness, our swimmers to feel safe and be provided with effective learning opportunities within our Leopold Swim School learning environment.  To ensure your child is not only happy and safe at Leopold Swim School but is confident to transfer their swimming and safety skills to other environments requires time on task in other aquatic settings.   Research tells us when a swimmer enters a new swim environment a swimmer’s ability can decrease by 50%.  Ability decreases as the swimmer becomes scared of the unknown and no longer trusts their ability.  Our swimmers from Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula are spoilt for choices of aquatic environments: beaches (surf and bay), waterparks, indoor swim facilities, eastern beach waterfront, backyard pools, lakes and rivers.  To ensure your baby, toddler or school age child is safe in any environment they must experience each unique environment, each having their own depths, entries, exits and challenges.  No aquatic environment is alike and if your child is to feel safe to apply their aquatic skills and fully enjoy the experience, they must be immersed in it.  At Leopold Learn to Swim Geelong, we always incorporate a variety of water safety measures into each of our group or private lessons and offer a Water Safety Week that can be transferred when enjoying the water.