Motor skill development in infants in Geelong

Learning to Swim in Geelong at Leopold Swim School can help your child to develop better motor skills quickly.  Your child is growing and interacting with the world around them.  Their infant reflexes begin to fade.  They start to learn motor skills such as crawling, walking and reaching in the world around them.  Swimming lessons can help your child achieve these milestones faster as we teach your infant how to kick and tread water in the pool. The water acts as resistance on your child’s body parts so it helps to build muscle and strengthen body parts and hasten motor skills. Children will develop at their own speed and pace, and there is a wide range of healthy ages at which they can achieve these milestones.

Scientists have observed that motor skills generally develop from the centre of the body then outward and from head to tail. These developments don’t just occur by instinct. The more chances babies have to practice these skills, the more they will be able to grow and strengthen. This means babies need time and space to explore and manipulate objects in their environment and use their muscles, such as in swimming lessons.  In swimming lessons infants get to use their hands, arms, legs, toes, feet, tummy we also teach your infant the correct body positioning in the water to further enhance them in life.

If you like more info on how swimming can help your infants motor skills please contact Leopold Swim School on 5250 1457 or via email [email protected]