Kids Swimming Lessons in Geelong: Learn to Swim

Leopold Swim School is facilitating an amazing Geelong Learn to Swim Program all year round;

We are inviting all parents of kids in Geelong to enroll in our program especially over the winter period, as we firmly believe that repetition of skills is the quickest way to build a strong swimming foundation and confidence within the water.

Each day of a young child’s life, they learn something new. For the child, “new” is the unknown and that can be scary. They enjoy following routines and same class structure so they know what is coming next. A sense of comfort comes with the predictability of repetition. They gain confidence in knowing what to expect. They start to have the feeling that they have “mastered” a skill and are proud of it.

Research has proven children learn best through repetition, as it establishes neural connections. For example, brain pathways that lead to emotional development are strengthened through healthy, loving day-to-day contact with parents and teachers. Their brains are wired for this. It is how the neural passageways in their brains become highways for learning. Children thrive on the repetition of patterns, sounds and experiences.

Parents should set aside time each week to encourage the repetition of swimming skills and let their children experience other swimming environments. The most important thing is to encourage your child’s repetitive behavior and move on to something new when they are ready. Give them the opportunity to indulge in swimming skills and their neurological development will thank you.

If you would like to discuss kids swimming lessons in Geelong, please contact us.