Why swimming lessons during winter are fantastic for your child?


Winter terms are great for children to learn how to swim because in summer kids are in the pool or they go to the beach where they can practise their skills regularly. In winter, families tend not to go to the pool or the beach. Therefore, it can be a whole six months until some children return to the water, causing all sorts of problems for their families (being scared, worried about depth or feeling uncomfortable in the water).

At Leopold Swim School we have found 5 great tips to encourage your child to continue swimming lessons during winter;

Be safe for summer

Your child will spend more time in, around or near water in summer which increases the risk of potential drowning. Swimming lessons through winter will allow them to continue learning and help them to develop skills that will enhance their water awareness and safety.

Continual progression of their swimming skills

Children who stop swimming lessons over winter tend to forget a lot of their swimming skills and therefore, take a lot longer to learn how to swim compared to children who continue swimming lessons throughout winter. This is particularly true in children who are under 7 years of age, as their long term skill retention and muscle memory are just starting to develop. Continuing swimming lessons through winter will ensure all the time and money you have invested into your child’s swimming lessons is not wasted over the winter months.

Healthy Winter Children who attend swimming lessons regularly are fitter and maintain stronger immune systems. In fact, children who swim throughout winter seem to catch far less colds and flu. Our pool is maintained at a constant temperature of 34 degrees throughout the year, so even when it is cooler outside, it is set for a comfortable year-round summer experience.

Dress for the weather

We maintain an ambient temperature in the Centre. After your child’s swimming lessons we encourage all parents & guardians to dress their children appropriately. Do not have your child leave the centre in bathers and a towel – dress them, dry their hair and utilise a beanie. This will help in maintaining their body warmth and keeping away colds and winter illnesses.

Enhance your child’s love for the water

All year round swimming lessons will help your child to develop what we call a feel for the water. This is a skill that is hard to teach but can be developed by your child when they spend more time in the water. Your child will start to understand how to move through the water and use it to their advantage. Continual participation in swimming lessons all year round is the key in your child developing this special connection with the water.

If you would like to discuss the advantages of attending swimming lessons all year round please contact Leopold Swim School on (03) 5250 1457 or email us at [email protected] we would love to hear from you.