Balance and Coordination in Toddlers in Geelong

Leopold Swim School believes balance and coordination skills help toddlers interact with the world around them and perform more complex physical activities. Running, jumping, kicking, throwing and swimming are all examples of activities that develop a 2-year-old’s balance and coordination. Balance and coordination skills develop over time as children play and experiment with their worlds.

Children with good balance and coordination will be able to maintain appropriate and controlled body movement during tasks performed which can reduce the energy required and minimise fatigue. It can aid in the participation of sport and help with performance success. With good balance and coordination there is less likelihood of injury as a child will have appropriate postural responses is and when needed (e.g. putting hands out to protect yourself when you fall).

Balance and coordination are important in a toddlers development’.

Swimming can help improve balance and coordination:

Swimming involves the body having to exert force and work against resistance of the water, thus providing better awareness and understanding of where the body is in relation to other limbs and objects. Swimming mainly focuses on Dynamic balance which is the ability to remain balanced while engaged in movement (e.g. running or bike riding). When toddler’s run with a back pack in the water they learn the ability to stabilize the trunk and neck to enable the coordination of other limbs. Swimming helps them to become aware of body position and movement. Therefore, increasing the length of time with which a child can maintain balance and coordination. We at Leopold Swim School teach our toddlers to balance flat in the water whilst moving their arms and legs to propel themselves.

By enrolling your child in swim lessons, like those offered at Leopold Swim School, your child will develop skills that would otherwise remain undiscovered (unrealised). Swimming is the perfect activity for your toddler to be involved in.

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