The benefits of continuing swimming lessons through winter

Unfortunately some parents feel that when winter comes along that they are doing the right thing by stopping swimming lessons so their child doesn’t catch a cold.

Apart from the fact that there’s no medical evidence connecting swimming in heated pools and illness, your child is greatly disadvantaged because they will readily lose their swimming skills if they’re not practiced.

By staying in lessons, your child will benefit because:

  • Children who swim all year round maintain their level of skill and fitness. Swimming is taught by repetition therefore pulling your children in and out of classes throughout the year hinders the learning process.
  • Swimming is exercise. During winter children are limited to outdoor activities due to the weather.
  • Healthy lifestyle. Weekly exercise sets good habits for later in life.
  • Did you know if your child is booked into swim lessons all year round they swim for only 20.5 hours per year instructed?