If your child attends one swim lesson per week every term for a year, your commitment to their safety is 20 hours?

So let’s look at this statement. If a child swims every term of the year, it adds up to 20 hours a year.  It is not much time to learn a new skill and recap on old ones.  Hence, that is why we think it is so important to have small class sizes, good quality instruction and a firm swim program with a structure in place.

Malcolm Gladwell said “it takes 10,000 hours of doing a skill or job to become an expert at it”

So if we use this as a reference we need to increase your child’s swim hours in the pool.

How can we help you do this?

  • Enrol your child in swim lessons every term of the year
  • Take your child to the pool for a play on weekends or after school or kinder (a new swimming environment can be quiet daunting at first, but it helps build confidence)
  • Go to the pool with friends and visit different pools
  • Mother’s groups can go swimming as a social outing
  • Enrol into our Intensive swim programs ( great confidence builder for the little ones and perfect time to work on stroke technique for the older ones.) Intensives can make a big difference
  • Have holidays where a pool is accessible.
  • Most importantly it can be fun times spent as a family (memories that your kids and you will never forget)

But your sitting there thinking I don’t want my child to became an expert in swimming, I just want them to be safe.  Ok that’s fine but every time you give your child a rest for a term it is delaying the ongoing learning process that we are trying to develop.  So every time your child has a break for over 14 weeks per year, when they return we need to start again, instead of developing new skills faster.

The learning to swim process is long but very worthwhile. If you would like to have a chat please contact Leopold swim school on

5250 1457 or [email protected]