What families say about our Geelong swim school

Leopold Swim School offers quality Geelong kids swimming lessons.

At Leopold Swim School we do everything we can to make our swimming lessons the best in Geelong by ensuring our team of swim teachers are qualified and teach your children using the most effective methods.

And our efforts are really paying off for our swimmers. Here’s what families say about Leopold Swim School:

I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for the wonderful swimming confidence you have given my 5-year-old daughter. She started swimming with you last year and at that time was not at all confident in the water and was afraid to go in water that was above her head. As per your recommendation, we started her with two lessons a week to build her confidence back up and we are very sure now that it was the best decision we could have made for her.

A couple of weeks ago we were skiing at a lake and my daughter was on an ezy ski – she fell off it. We let go of the rope attached to the ezy ski in the hope that she would know what to do once she had fallen into the cold deep water. She confidently swam back to the floating ezy ski rested with her elbows on the edge and then proceeded to climb back up! She was not at all bothered by the whole experience and was keen to go again.

Thanks Leopold Swim School! Amanda.

We took Arie to the pool in Ocean Grove yesterday …  2 1/2 hours later he decided he’d had enough (meanwhile mum was following him around shivering)! Watching him yesterday really made me appreciate what you guys have taught him so far – he was sitting on the edge of the pool and turning himself around to get in, he was able to pull himself out of the pool to get out.

He fell over a couple of times and rather than panic, he either found his footing or reached to the edge of the pool (and came up laughing each time). He was very relaxed, quite confident and using the skills he has learnt so far, which was really nice to see in a ‘free-play’ environment. Looking forward to taking him again and to the resumption of next term’s lessons. Thanks for everything you’ve taught our little fishy so far.


We love and look forward to coming to Leopold Swim School because our children enjoy swimming here. The teachers are fantastic and you can see the progress they are making. The atmosphere is great and everyone makes you feel welcome. The hot chocolates are the best in Geelong. I enjoy the chats and laughs we have. This is a wonderful family swimming centre. I just love being a customer here.


Hi my name is Charlotte and I am 8 years old. I have been doing my swimming lessons at Leopold Swim School since I was 6 months old! That’s a lot of swimming.

What I love about Leopold Swim school is all the teachers are really nice, you learn new strokes and have lots of fun in the pool! I love to swim and it helps me to be safe in the water.

I had my birthday party here this year and it was really special. All my friends had a fantastic time and we played lots of games and played in the water. Everyone is very friendly and I love getting a chocolate after my lesson. Leopold Swim School is the best!


Leopold Swim School are experts in teaching children to learn to swim with swimming lessons for children of all ages. Learn more about our swimming lessons for babies, toddler swimming lessons, and school-aged swim classes.

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